Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Field trip

I got there late so I didn't find Farah and the rest till we were about to leave. I have pics and hopefully Farah will put pics up here too.

We had fun walking around, getting potatoes, riding the hay ride, eating ice-cream, walking among the pumpkins trying to find the biggest, and seeing the baby cows.

Friday, October 21, 2011

F stuff on Thursday

Vanessa had a stuffy nose and cough today so Leilah did not come over. We studies F anyway and sat in a circle with Christy. We sang songs and read Fairy Tales. I drew a tree for Vanessa so she could use the apple stamp that I cut into a maple leaf for her. She got to paint a family tree picture frame Farah brought over. She also worked on her letter F booklet. It was a packed day, but she still managed to get in some good playing with her sisters. We chose pictures of her family for her to cut out tomorrow and glue onto the tree.

F is for Field Trips

Monday I took the girls on two field trips. One in the morning to visit a woman Helen helps out. We visited Laguna Farm, Fircrest, did Yoga, and the girls worked their imaginations playing with Felix the cat the Rufus the Lion. In the afternoon we went to Peter Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma. There the girls got to see week old calves, climb a hay pyramid, milk a cow, go on a tractor ride, dig potatoes, and eat the best ice-cream in the world! And of course sweat buckets full! It was so stinkin' hot! On Tuesday Farah and Family went to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Hopefully she'll put stuff on here about that soon!


I don't remember what else I did with the girls when Leilah came on Thursday, but I did take a picture of them writing letters and putting them in envelopes. Leilah did wonderful writing her letter to her cousin and Vanessa tried her best to get the letters write that I had written for her to copy from. Vanessa wrote to her daddy.

E Week

We went to Farah's house Tuesday as usual and she went over the letter E and what begins with E. Oh, and the calendar. Then she let the girls play with magna-tiles while she got the Elephant ready! She cut holes out of the middle of a paper plate and had big ears ready. So the girls painted the ears and head with grey metallic paint. After that she had them put glitter on the ears and glue googly eyes to the head. The girls paraded their elephants outside so they could dry.

D Week

D Week we didn't get pics on the day we went to Farah's house. I don't remember why not. Maybe we didn't go! So on Thursday at my house we sat in our circle to sing our songs and talk about the letter of the week. Then it was time to Drum! We sang and worked on rhythms. The girls did great following instructions. Then the girls cut daisy petals out and pasted them in their notebooks and wrote the word Daisy next to it. I realized I had daisy's in my flower garden so we went outside to pick some and tie a ribbon around them to keep them together.

Air Museum Field Trip

We went to the Air Museum on the free museum day the Smithsonian puts on. We had a blast. The airplane that responded to the Twin Tower tragedy first was there. Very impressive display. There was a troupe of boy scouts there and as we were walking through the planes one of them was looking at the same plane we were. Lorien asked how the pilot got in and the boy thought he should explain so one of the pics is of this boy talking to the girls about the plane. It was really cute!